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Dubai Residency Training Program (DRTP)

About the Program:
What is Dubai Residency Training Program (DRTP)?
It is a structured system of training and education which extends from the undergraduate medical course into career positions. It is based on learning objectives where the participants proceed through the training program by demonstrating competence rather than by passage of time.

The Goal of the Dubai Residency Training Program is to make Dubai and the United Arab Emirates self-sufficient in highly skilled specialist physicians who practice with high ethical standards.
The Objectives are to develop a training program that will produce specialists who:
  • Are capable of practicing medicine independently to high international standards expertly, humanely and ethically and have achieved competency as a scholar, collaborator, communicator, manager, a health advocate and a professional.
  • Can successfully compete for advanced Fellowship training positions elsewhere.

  • Duration:
    The duration of training varies from four to six years depending on the specialty.

    Trainees admitted into the program must have:
  • successfully completed their basic medical education from a WHO listed University, and successfully completed the one year internship period
  • All applicants must qualify by passing the Pre-Entry Evaluation Examination, which is a written examination designed to assess the preparedness of the candidates for an intensive training program.
  • Pre-Entry exam is only a qualifying examination and candidates must satisfy the interview panel at a structured interview session in order to be admitted into the program. As such, only applicants who pass the written examination will be invited for interview.

    Dubai Health Authority(DHA) is the sponsoring body and has the overall responsibility for the organization, development, approval and execution of all the programs.

    These Programs are designed to meet the requirements of the Arabian, European and North American Accrediting bodies. All graduates are expected to have successfully challenged the certifying examinations of the Arab Board of Medical Specializations and the UK Royal Colleges.


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